♥Hair Tutorial N'01♥
Made for your private use Only
♥ Let's Begin !♥


First of all, make the hair lines with the darkest color from the palette.


Take the next brighter color (in the pic its the 2nd from the left)
make some hair lines, below the ears. like you see in the picture I turn the most external lines to the brighter color as well, It makes it look more real.


Fill the white BG of the hair with the brighter color in the palette.


Take another brighter color from the palette, make lines in the darker lines
(like in the pic). 


You can add shine to the hair with extra brighter colors, again, draw the lines in the darker lines.

And... Finished !
I added some clothes and shoes - and here it is! ^__^
you can also can add hair accessory, it always make it more pretty!