this site is hosted by wonderful mariiii - thank u

♥General Rules♥

1) About adopting my dolls -
Its ok as long as you see the doll is adoptable (by hover mouse - if nothing says "NOT Adoptable!" its adoptable!) and link back to: http://Sushi.pixel-dolls.com/
link must be in the adopted doll area.

2) Editing my Bases -
You can edit my bases in small things like skin-tones, eye / lips edit and just link back in the credits. If you decide editing small parts of the body (new pose for your own use) you let me know by mail as well.
Some people asked me to Publish an edit they made to my bases (In they're site/In a forum board..) you can doll on the edit ,You can ask me to make a base-set together with you, but YOU MAY NEVER publish the base like its your own ! it can be seen in My bases area only with credit to you.

3) Copyright & Most impotent things -
There is no reason I'll see my doll in your site without my Copyright,
Or find out you use Parts of my bases/dolls and clam it as your own art !
it called 'Frankedolling' and its Wrong! (and pathetic also).

4) No layout decorations with my dolls\pixels -
I'm an Web-designer my self - I don't see any reason why layouts with my pixels\Arts will not be Only by me.

5) Printing my Art -
If you like to view pixel-art for your fun and just print some "fairy's for your diary"
(Or any other private thing..) Its fine, We live in such a large world that I thing these thing should not matter.

♥About me & Pixelfield♥

Name /Nickname -
Saphire / Sushi

Birthday -
12th of March 88'

Contact -
Mail to sapphireb (at) gmx.com

Location - IL

I Pixel with - Win7 + MS paint 98' + Photoshop CS6.
I get inspired By - DeviantArt + my adoptions + all the favorite doll artists in my Links page :)

Other Things I do -
I love music, I respect music in any kind, there are small parts of my life that Im without my Ipod (Love Trance, Psychedelics, House, Drum-step, Chill-step, Alternatives, Rock, Ambient) .
I love the series : Seinfeld ,how i met your mother, Family guy,  friends, Pretty little liars ,Gossip girl.
I Paint on : Papers/ Walls/ For fun/ Digital-art.

Things that makes me Happy -
Sunrise, My window view, The wind, Finding the smallest and biggest pleasures in life. SMILE , Shining people, GOD existence, I love when Fairness, Peace, Love and Harmony always wins. Nature wonderness and many more....